Pirate Themed Mafia

This game will be pirate themed

There will be three main mechanics this game:


During the day, every player may submit one (1) public vote in thread for who they wish to elect Captain. This vote may be changed at any time prior to the day ending. The player with the most votes at EOD will become the Captain, and as such will receive a gun they must use to shoot another player at night.

The Black Spot

Each night (starting N0), the scum team chooses a player to receive The Black Spot. This player will die at the end of the following day (i.e., Black Spot N0 will die at EOD1). This is in place of the standard factional kill. It will be announced at SOD who has been Black Spotted. Scum may choose to holster the Black Spot exactly once.

Dying Vengeance

By the end of every day the player that has the Black Spot may choose to shoot someone. Both players will die immediately if they do so, although the day will continue until EOD.

Game will be played with fast nights—scum will be required to presubmit their Black Spot target during the day, and nights will end as soon as the Captain has made their shot.

Preference is for 11+ players, or the game will be very short! Scum win at parity, town win by killing the scum.

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You can totally pick what pirate you wanna be

How many





Do i pick publically

yeah do we pick publicly

Sure idc, doesn’t have an effect on gameplay

Idk like eight probably


Steve the Pirate, from Dodgeball

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I guess that would mean each game is a piece of eight?

How long are the days? No hammers aye?

48 hours approximately, and yeah no hammers

Dread pirate roberts

/maybe if it starts quickly, then yes put me down for this madness

Will PRs be allowed to pre-submit at well?

I’m a software Pirate, and The Black Spot is mold from an ancient bag of doritoes lying around my room.

There won’t be any PRs so

If captain wants to pre-shoot they can

You do have to /in to get a pirate tho :stuck_out_tongue: