Party Cop

The CDC says if you’re vaxxed you can party, but the cops are still a big bummer that are gonna try and shut down the party. Boo! Figure out who the cop is and you can party all night and get as messy as you want.

Don’t be a dick, have fun, maybe post a bit every day

The default vt role pm is:

You’re a partier, man.

You win by eliminating the party cop

Every night you can choose whether to go to the party or not

You’re town in case that isn’t clear


Rules on AtE: On excessive AtE

What the friendly tag means: Friendly Game Tag


D1 has begun and will end at 2021-05-15T22:00:00Z

Hammer is at 5, full discussion is allowed post hammer until I lock the thread.


Okay look for anyone wearing oakleys theyre an undercover

:parrot: :parrot: :parrot: :parrot: :parrot: :parrot: :parrot: :parrot: :parrot: :parrot: :parrot: :parrot: :parrot: :parrot: :parrot: :parrot: :parrot: :parrot: :parrot: :parrot: :parrot: :parrot: :parrot: :parrot: :parrot: :parrot: :parrot: :parrot: :parrot: :parrot: :parrot:


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VOTE: gtacc

VOTE: orangeandblack5

Had to check the scumchat first and that’s why you were 3rd eh gtacc?

i feel like this wasn’t taken seriously for some reason


No, I’m not scum

how tf is it allowed to chat about role pms in other chat?

Gtacc salty we have an IC

Confirmed scum

Last game I tked gtacc d1 and won so

Clearly it’s a winning strat

I wanted to claim party cop, but then I realized we aren’t playing parity cop. I’m calling bastard mod.


nanook is a bastard

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my role is pretty suitable for me

mine isn’t

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