Partition Mafia with new day format (8/8) - Candidate for event.

Continuing the series of taking good mafiascum setups and changing things about them - this concept was introduced by implosion here:


  • 6 Town, 2 Mafia, No Roles.
  • Scum have no daytalk. They DO have nighttalk.
  • Every Night (including N0), the scumteam splits the living players into exactly 3 nonempty groups: A, B, and C. These groups are revealed publicly come day.
  • Players vote on which group (A, B, or C) to eliminate. When a group is eliminated every player in it dies.
  • Town wins when all Mafia are dead and at least one Town is alive. Mafia wins when the amount of Mafia is greater or equal to the amount of Town.

We’re going to try a new day/voting structure to:

  • Guarantee every player gets time to think about and make one substantial post per game day without new content appearing.
  • Lessen relevance of unpleasant deadline scrambles that require time sensitive voting/being online at specific times.

Structure is as follows:

  • 24 hour night
  • 72 hour discussion period. Players may vote
  • Each player has 24 hours to submit a vote and a post. Submissions revealed simultaneously.

Which group is eliminate is decided as follows:

  • If one group receves more votes than the other two in the simultaneous vote phase - that group is eliminated.
  • If there’s a tie in the simultaneous phase, whichever group between the tied groups had the most votes at the end of the discussion period is eliminated.
  • If the above hasn’t resolved all ties, the scumteam decides which tied group is eliminated




this setup was among the least enjoyable games i’ve ever played



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What was unfun about it? Bee and I thought it seemed super attractive in theory. (in terms of scum having to make super relevant solvable decisions).


wisdom loltunnelling a group of me and him to our collective deaths and loss

it doesn’t feel good having a lot of control over your own lynch being taken away, and on the other side of the coin it’s very frustrating to try to get people to vote their own group even if it may be the absolute best course of action

it’s possible that my thoughts are tainted by a single bad experience. i suppose i’ll find out

in theory it’s very compelling to analyze the groups and look at scum motivation and i’m certain that i would find it very enjoyable if i had your neural network brain

in practice i think people will do exactly what wisdom did that game, which is look at the groups and think about things from their own perspective when saying “oh, this person would never make this grouping so they must be town” (and be wrong).

to be fair, that seems like the kind of argument that mafia is about in the first place, but as a mechanic, from my personal experience (and sample size of 1 game) i haven’t seen it actually add much depth to scumhunting.

I didnt read the OP but is this anythng like that disaster of a 3 group mafia game

I didnt read anything but I think we need more players to this forum

mmm I see.

I guess the questions are :

  1. If people will realize that the habit of never compromising/never sacrificing yourself for the greater good that stems from traditional mafia is often pretty bad in this format. Perhaps after sufficient runs?

  2. Is having to compromise and seeing that saccing yourself for the greater a good a fun/enjoyable/desirable type of game play. I think it might be fun because it gives players a “movie protagonist” moment, with the added bonus having that mindset be standard probably makes normal mafia more fun?

Not sure, @beeboy what do you think.

Can’t tell if troll feelsbadman.

I don’t remember ever considering that it creates a game environment where you can potentially not have control over your own lynch.

To some degree this can be alleviated through other mechanics and roles. But overall whenever people try and get themselves lynched in a mafia game for a ‘hero’ moment they are usually already not having fun with the game.

mmm good points.

I talked to some people less into traditional mafia and the self-sac strategic element seemed more exciting to them - I can see how saccing self into a group being all town can be unpleasant though.

@beeboy and I are talking about ways to make the vote (or something else?) during the free discussion either give some player immunity or determine a potential swap. This gives some more control on individual survival. What do you think @northsidegal?

swaps were roles in the original game, so i think it might be interesting to have as either a mechanic or as a role (not sure what that’d do to setup balance).

like i said, i consider it entirely possible that my experience has been tainted by a single bad game – that’s why i’m /in in the first place. you’re definitely right in that i’m carrying a lot of typical mafia game assumptions into something of a radically different format.

so, i suppose i’ll be able to give better feedback once this game is over!

what do you think



If you’re still running this.

Yup! Welcome back. :slight_smile:

And then there was one. I’ll find someone.