Parity Cop 9'er (2, 3)

6 Town
1 Parity Cop
2 Mafia

  • Most votes at deadline = dead. Majority of votes at any point = dead.
  • Mafia breaks ties
  • Mafia has daytalk.
  • 72 hour days, 24 hour nights.
  • Parity Cop gets a N0 check. Starting N1, the parity cop is informed if their check shared the same alignment as the previous check.
  • No no lynching.




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boy party cop sure is popular


Is it tho



If you want to do a 10p game Vigi 10er is another simple balanced setup

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if we get 10 we can do that. :stuck_out_tongue:

would anyone have any issue if I played a ranked game :thinking:

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Have fun dying n1 or getting lynched d2

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btw the ranking system will almost surely be pretty strongly weighted towards someone’s winrate with their worst alignment to avoid rewarding super hedgers/lopsided players. We’re working on a stats system/site and so how ranking and stuff will work should be announced soon™.

A 100% town 50% scum player is doing better than a 60% both alignment player

there’s obviously going to be a line that’s debatable but that’ll always be the case.


wan more

ok im in

That’s nine @Ellibereth