Parity Cop 9'er (1, 2)

6 Town
1 Parity Cop
2 Mafia

  • Most votes at deadline = dead.
  • Mafia breaks ties
  • Mafia has daytalk.
  • 72 hour days, 24 hour nights.
  • Parity Cop gets a N0 check. Starting N1, the parity cop is informed if their check shared the same alignment as the previous check.
  • No no lynching.





hey you took my setup suggestion

@Duskfall98 /in this


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Edit: Parity Cop has a N0 action.

In to keep top elo

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Also let’s ban semen analysis

poor dan

Actually I guess the semen analysis is the parity cop’s job



Poor me what now /in

Also gotta teach this smogon filth their place


in it to fill it

Not to win it?

nah i’m bad, i won’t get my hopes up.

starting ASAP