Over the Air Mafia, 9p

Over the Air Mafia
9 Players. 96 hour days, 24 hour nights.
I would like a co-mod if possible that may impart upon me any wisdom regarding modding on this site that may not be immediately obvious to me.

The setup
x6 Town Receiver
x1 Town Transmitter
x2 Rogue Agent

Factional: once in the game, the Rogue Agents may use the ability, “Noise” that masks any transmissions during that night. This is multi-tasking and may be used along with the nightly kill, no matter what number of Rogue Agents may remain.

Role PMs:

You are a Town Receiver.
You have your voice and your vote.
You win if all threats to the town are eliminated and at least one town-aligned player is alive.

You are a Town Transmitter.
Each night, you may target a player that you will send a transmission to.
If this player is a Receiver, they will be notified that they have been sent a transmission.
You win if all threats to the town are eliminated and at least one town-aligned player is alive.

You are a Rogue Agent.
Your organisation is not one that would send you on your mission alone. You have a partner, Agent2.
During the night you may communicate with your partner here.
Each night, you may target a player that you will attempt to kill.
In addition, once during the game you may blanket the airwaves with noise.
Any transmissions sent during the night that noise is used will fail to be received.
However, any Receivers in the game will pick up the noise.
You win if all members of the town are eliminated (or if nothing can prevent the same).

This game is a friendly game, guaranteed not to be bastard and generally suitable for newer players. Please respect the spirit of the game and try your best to be polite to other players.

Seems interesting. Modding here is pretty straightforward, but I’m happy to help out with that instead of playing if nobody else steps forward.

reads setup : :slight_smile:
reads phase lengths: :frowning:

ill co-mod

if it turns out to be fun we’ll do a 48 or 72 run after.

I’m open to changing the day period to anything >24 hours and nights no shorter than 12.
I value my ability to sleep.

If someone would like a digest of, “what sort of odds am I looking at here?”

This game should be scum-sided by most stretches of the imagination.

I think if it’s prohibitively scum-sided there are improvements that can be made in the future.

It is not too unlike other setups that are considered in the ballpark of 50/50. This may be more in line with the 40-60 Elli mentioned in another thread. I have faith in you all. :pray:

72/24 is regular here

im happy to help with backend stuff but you don’t need to make me a co-moderator, just throw me in a spoilered spectator thread and i’ll offer suggestions if i think they’re needed

maybe we can make this a 1 week deadline game after white flag is over?

I’m making the completely dateless guess that there’s some correlation between preferring setups like this and liking longer deadlines.

also that gives me more reasonable time to play since I’m trying to spend less hours on games per day

I super want to try the setup though.

Counter point: make it a 24 hour deadline game to annoy Elli.

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do 48 so i can play

Making this a weeklong would be cool, though, and make it easier for me to play.

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I’d like to clarify that the transmitter acts as a loyal fruit vendor here.

Some of the levers I was thinking of pulling would be

-Transmitter as a loyal friendly neighbor
-Transmitter as a loyal mailman (I’m less keen on this, as it’s essentially a friendly neighbor, but also a lot stronger as it removes guesswork)

Functionally I think the extra clear doesn’t swing it to town by itself. It’s +EV to be sure but I wouldn’t be surprised if town performed worse with friendly neighbor over fruit vendor.

why would scum not always just noise blanket n1

Because town collectively earned the clown avi before night began, Elli.

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I think it’s less clear than you make it out to be.

yeah maybe, we’ll see what happens in practice

Hey I decided that I’m not changing time controls for this game.

I think it’s for the best that this game be given a shot in signups and promptly be removed in favor of other games that suit peoples current tastes.

If there’s demand for a more simple setup like this, I’m sure something will be run soon but it’s important to find out whether the issue is in the lack of power roles, open vs closed, or the time control settings.

I’ll give it until July 5th in case we get a bunch of drunk ins :100::100::muscle:

so whats happening with this?

Would lowering the phases get more ins?