otherPick Mafia

When signups close, everyone will be asked to choose a word for each other player in the game, describing that person. The collection of words other people used to describe you will create your role. So in other words, the more people are in the game, the more complicated each player’s role will be.

If the end result isn’t balanced I’ll record @Mantis suplexing me.

Note: this game is #no-holds-barred… no need to be #friendly.

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I will /in once it’s clear that you won’t get enough players

I already have enough tho

Damn… I’ll show you.

… just you wait.

You could say this game is…

Needlessly complicated

hahaaaaa that game is nevwr running

@M2H play so that I have someone i can say positive things about

Wdym? There is nothing negative about me

Will we get to see the words after game ends


Signups close Sunday, would be nice to have at least 9 @starv

Nah, StarV doesn’t deserve to play a balanced game.


Please submit your one-word descriptions of your fellow players now.

@starv is a jerk and inning late, luckily this should inspire you to think of some good adjectives to describe him.

Just waiting on @Andresvmb


I’m designing now, obviously this is going to take a while since I have to work through 81 friggen words, but it shouldn’t take too long hopefully!


ok well since you jerks decided to fill two of my games at once this is taking a bit longer. it’ll start this weekend at the latest.

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