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  1. Disclaimer: Any flavour I’ve written does not necessarily reflect what I actually think of you.
  2. 48/24h phases. One person will be banished per game day. Please do not place more than one vote at a time unless your role permits it.
  3. Banishment is plurality at deadline. Mafia breaks ties. If a majority is reached before deadline, that player is banished immediately. Keep in mind that some players’ votes might not count.
  4. Flips are alignment only.
  5. Roles were designed before alignments were determined.
  6. Each player starts the game with 4 one-shot actives and 5 passives (this includes 1 post restriction, 1 vote restriction, and 1 action restriction).
  7. The choices you gave for other players were assigned the same distribution as above. In other words, 5 of the words you sent were chosen to be passives, and the rest were made into actives.
  8. Every night, you may take up to two of the following actions:
    • Use an active ability.
    • Purge two of your passive abilities, removing them from the game.
    • Attempt to steal an ability from another player by stating its exact name. In the event of multiple players trying to steal the same ability, all of them will fail.
  9. Failure to fulfill a post restriction results in losing one of your actions for that night.
  10. Action restrictions don’t cause purges to fail.
  11. The mafia team may additionally kill a player at night. If the kill is successful, they will learn which abilities that player had, and may choose to take any number of them.
  12. Actions resolve in this order: Actives / Mafiakill > Purging > Stealing.
  13. The town win condition is “You win when all of the non-town players have been eliminated”.
  14. The mafia win condition is “You win when all of the town players have been eliminated, or when nothing can prevent that from happening”.
  15. There are three mafia, although one doesn’t know who their partners are.
  16. I take back what I said about this being balanced.
  17. I’m sorry.

I have the setup designed. I’ll send roles out tomorrow.

All roles are sent. Some players have pregame actions, I will start the game once those are in.

Please read the rules thoroughly, I’ve changed some of them recently.

Also, I allowed some submissions that included 2 words or non-words. So there’s that.


Day One starts now!

Anyone here feeling low energy?

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Yall wanna hear fun post restriction or real post restriction?

Fun version: everyone else write one of fromis_9 members name in korean respectively


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