On Pregame Agreements

Some players dislike certain playstyles or strategies or activity levels that are entirely legitimate, perhaps effective, and within the rules of Mafia.

Hosts are welcome to impose and players are welcome to request any sort of pregame agreement in a game’s sign up topic. Whether or not one is in place is the Host’s prerogative and should be made clear to all players before the game begins.

Examples of this may include:

  • Don’t use self-meta
  • Don’t use a scumhunting program
  • Don’t use cross-game activity tells
  • Don’t excessively fluff post
  • Don’t excessively AtE
  • Don’t make way more posts per day than everyone else
  • Be able to check into the game a few times per day

We do NOT think any of these are inherently bad behaviors - if we did we wouldn’t want them in games in general. This is intended for specific groups of players where certain behaviors severely detract from their game experience - Mafia first and foremost is supposed to be fun.

An example of this in practice is when a game uses the #friendly tag as defined here. Players who join the game are agreeing to play in the spirit of those restrictions.