On Growth

We’re growing the site.

We’re exploring a bunch of ways of attacking this (including SEO, youtube content, events, ads, and plain reaching out) and a big big part of what I’ll personally be doing for the site now is defining clear goals/key metrics, finding the best growth channels, and basically planning and executing a our long term growth plan. Some (most?) of this will be public (with corresponding updates), some of it won’t be.

Here’s how you can help:

  • If you’re a member of the site right now reading this - you’re already doing a bunch. Visiting, reading, posting, and participating in the site in general, and especially while we’re small, means a lot. We really appreciate that you’re sticking around.

  • Tell your friends and network about us. Things grow best when users tell their friends. Word of mouth is super powerful.

  • Let us know what we can be doing better (PM me!) - especially in the context of helping you invite people and just generally being a welcoming site. Basically anything other than “have more members” is helpful here.

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Oh well

youtube ads should explain mafia briefly and then point you to the website

Something super important that I left out of the OP (that I hope is mostly common sense):

New people are going to be joining us from a bunch of places, with a variety of different backgrounds, beliefs, and expectations. There will be totally new players that may need some time to get certain concepts or strategies. There will be experienced players whose idea of correct and acceptable play is something completely different from what you do.

Please be decent to everyone. (Or at least not unpleasant).

Feel free to talk and discuss and debate - but please do not look down on or demean others if they have different beliefs and expectations than you about Mafia.

There are some people who would be fine with having a long intense argument about theory - and if it turns out someone does by all means go ahead - but for a lot of people it’s unpleasant and will leave a sour taste in their mouth about the site.

In the coming days I’ll be setting up infrastructure to support newer players, to Mafia or just to what we’re doing on the site. For those who don’t really want to deal with newer players, don’t worry, a healthy chunk of our games and events will not be billed as newcomer-friendly.

If anyone is especially interested in or have ideas about stuff concerning newcomers and how to set up a great environment for them hit me up through PM here or on discord and let’s chat.

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