OC (Outside Contact) Mafia Sign-up

Not sure if anyone here has played OC mafia before but back in the day it was actually the main format on smogon, it has kind of died off since for multiple reasons but thought I’d whack up a sign up thread here and see if there’s any interest in trying out a game. Essentially the difference is you can pm other players as much as you like, on here or discord etc and talk out of thread.

You can expect a lot of power in an oc game and solving often can become less read based and a lot of mechanics etc, it plays out very different from NOC mafia.

Not saying it will definitely go ahead just gauging interest to see if anyone wants to try something different.

Edit: You may not talk to people outside the game about the game. Essentially it’s a game with infinite neighbourhoods you can create as you please with other players.

Can people in the game talk to people not in the game

As long as it’s about your personal life and not the game!

how long?

Bold of u to assume I have a personal life outside of the games I am currently a part of

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Bold of you to assume Nanook would want to talk to you

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How long is the game? Similar time frame to regular noc mafia

each day

72/24 I guess maybe 48 later day phases

Is there any particular reason OC is usually paired with complicated mechanics?

It’s mostly smogon tradition but also it makes the game a lot more fun in certain ways. A lot of info trading can happen, who has what role etc, it generates content to actually speak to people about too.

There are also certain strategies that ended up being core of oc which later resulted in it being too broken because of role madness but it’s sort of the fun. The whole game really changes you can’t read people off meta because the tread tends to be less empty, the roles give town and scum more power that doesn’t really exist in thread anymore and ups the ante overall in terms of deception.

Do you mean that it tends to be more empty? Else I don’t really follow.

Why even have a thread make everyone only able to talk 1 on 1

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I’m pretty sure the fall of smogon OC directly correlates with the rise of smogon survivor and smogoners playing EiMM on places like EiMMpire. I think the primary reason of this is that outside private chats encourage alliances, and in a town vs mafia game there’s no need for interfactional alliances.

I’m inning this under the assumption that this is a 3 or more faction game. Out me if it’s only 2 factions, since I think I’d rather play NOC for 2 factions. Yes, talking privately does let some extra reads be found even in a 2 faction game, there is some minor utility or changes gained even in 2 factions. But I think the full potential lies in 3+ factions.

Oh yeah less content in tread / tread is more empty sorry

Join dis



Less content in thread => Thread is less active = > Less content in thread.