Welcome to 451, where this is normal!

Actual normal too, not just me doing a gimmick

lmao where I am from its always miseliminated day 1. And when scum is actually miraculously eliminated day 1, town folds after

Its hard not to say lunch but I’m making an effort starting Now

Also yeah everyone claiming mason is sus. I can’t tell if GTacc is trolling, he’s Turkish and so is the Pide guy
I like, know Gtacc, but not how he plays

Elli I played video mafia with and hes the owner of this site so I’m down to push him tomorrow just to either clear him or nah, let’s see if he lives tonight

now that i know all those roles are guaranteed ^

I’m also sus for not voting but I’ve breadcrumbed so much that we are mason partners…

I know, I did a bit as well, it should be a no brainer when we claim

Mefia is fuuuuuucked

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Archived forever in mafia451

He’ll never come play here anyway, what with ***** being censored lmao

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What’s the play today naz? Do we out as masons and push for other masons to be lunched? Or just push for them and hold our claim as long as possible? Or ignore all that and just circlejerk over something else

Why should we out today? I’m in a discord mafia game with GTacc and he said that we are mason partners (we aren’t)

I’m still down to circlejerk while we wait on info or a scum slip

I’d only out in danger right now, not taking any other mason claim seriously at this moment

wonder who will be dead tho

lol okay. I’ll follow your lead

I hope I die

Of the cancer that this site format gave me

Kudos to making another mafia site tbh

It’s just so hard lol

Operation circlejerk is a go