No voting Mafia - Talk only

5 players game, 4 vt 1 scum.
Yes lynches
compulsive nightkills
There are no voting and only talking
Before at the end of each day, you have to send me a list of players and rank it based on who you think is scum at the top and who you think is town at bottom.
At the end of the day, I will lynch someone based on a secret algorithm I made.



Please note that you should be sending the list as I told, from your top scumread on top to your top townread at bottom, if you are not doing this, you are taking the responsibility.
If you don’t send a ranking, it will hurt your chance to win the game.
There will be 2 types of winners at the end of the game.

You can vote throught the game to signyfy your FoS’es, it won’t effect the lynch but if you are still voting at the end of the day, it will hurt your chance to win the game. You have to unvote before day ends.


Added some notes to setup

@GTacc Explain

Using vote feature of site: doable, but if you are still voting at EoD, you will be punished

Why will you be punished for using the voting on the site?

Because it is not voting mafia, it is no voting mafia

But you explicitly said votes would be treated like FoSes.

Yeah I mean if you are going to use that feature, use it only for FoSes but you shouldn’t be using at eod for the theme of the game