No talking Mafia - Vote only

I have two games in sign up phase now but this was a funny meme I thought of in MU spec chat earlier, I have time to run both anyways

You may not talk during this game, only vote, I will probably start it quick regardless of how many sign-ups

This is the guy officers take him away

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@Nanook made me

I definitely did not

I’m angry

@ds my copyright is being violated do your worst

We have this already, it’s called ranked. We also had an unranked game like this on site.


Would it be like Shut Up and Vote! (5/5) but without the quoting?

Oh yes, same thing but no quotes so you can only post who you are voting bad that’s it



Shuddup and vote with me!

crappy offbrand shut up and vote

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I feel so attacked I didn’t sign up for this abuse



This looks doable. Please ping me on Discord when it starts!

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make sure to click the in button if you are playing!

Thief! :kappa:

Just wait till you see my new game I’m bout to put in signups

It’s called Babushka :smirk:

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That’s your worst

I’m still saddened by this heinous crime