Nightless Blitz [CANCELLED]

This will be a vanilla nightless 2:6 game with a special rule: you may vote for as many players as you like.

Every 24 hours, all players who would be lynched according to majority lynch rules (i.e. votes equal to half the number of living players, rounded down, plus one) are lynched.

The scum win in the following cases:

  • The number of living town players is less than 2.
  • The town fails to lynch anyone for two consecutive 24-hour phases.
  • The number of living scum is equal to the number of living town.

The town wins only when there are no scum left alive, and there are at least 2 town players alive.


  1. Andresvmb
  2. fferyllt
  3. Skygazer
  4. sesq
  5. NotMafia





Not going to play with Not Mafia.


/in, though clearly we need more players haha

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/in if the game still exists

actually nvm /out sorry

@Andresvmb @fferyllt @Skygazer @sesq @NotMafia
Closing this due to lack of interest. A month is too long! Sorry!