Nickelodeon Scum Zone

Welcome to the Nickelodeon Scum Zone. Your safe claims are Timmy Turner and Spongebob Squarepants.

Action Dan Role:

You are the (quasi)legendary Irken Invader Zim! You are Scum.


As such, you are able to disguise yourself from the filthy “earth-monkeys” that you plan to eventually conquer, successfully blending in as one of their own. Also, your loyal sidekick Gir will protect you from the first non lynch attempt on your life

ItsTurkeyTime Role:
She’s tempestuous. She’s tyrannical. She’s three.You are Angelica Pickles! You are Scum.


She manipulates her parents, shows off for strangers – and when she comes to play, the Rugrats run for cover. As such, anyone who attempts to target you will be passively roleblocked.

As a team you may send one person out to kill each night.



you being the reflexive roleblocker means you get sent out to kill every night

Also it’s highly likely there’s a serial killer.

so it’s a 1v2v7 game.

1 is serial killer right ?


btw which fakeclaim do you want to use, Timmy Turner or Spongebob?

I don’t have any way to contact him to prod him unfortunately


I dont know man im kında new what do you suggest?

post to say you’re here at least

Everyday one votes me wtf

you can channel that into your posts at the 11th hour if you want but just state you’re town empathically. usually that helps

say you’re a doctor and pray LOL

and spongebob

you call the WAHBULANCE for flavor

Shit what im a suposse the say

pretend to be a doctor. you protect people at night

Right thanx