Nickelodeon Mafia (Signups)

Come battle it out with all of your childhood favorites in NICKELODEON MAFIA!

This will be structured as:

  1. Non-Bastard
  2. No Alignment Changes
  3. Role Heavy
  4. NOT a Upick
  5. FRIENDLY - because its fucking nickelodeon

Lets see how many we get and i’ll build it from there.

From the creator of pokemon mafia…

Well shit

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I’m tommy pickles or I don’t play

Don’t curse please it’s a friendly game

Ah fuck! My bad!

Legends of the hidden swear word

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Y’all are some Wild N’ Krazy Kidz!

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I thought GTacc started this topic since I haven’t got used to either of your avatars yet

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Do they have Nickelodeon in Turkey? :thonk:

Probably not?

I didn’t have it as a kid, I watched Cartoon Network. I would go to my friend’s house and get glimpses of Spongebob sometimes.

Oh no! I’ve inadvertently limited the playerbase!

Guess after this we are running Cartoon Network Mafia

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I’m not fucking joking. Give me some of that spongebob bullshit and I boycott

I did have wtf

Boomerang or gtfo

I was just deprived then I get it

I know all of chessbob squarekid, Elli neutron, DSake and Nanoosh, iKeyly, Tierly odd parents, Duskrats…


I was making a joke about chesskid’s game and others came automatically

I had to check a site for old shows but yeah

I also know victorious, zoey 101, rockos modern life, catdog, hey arnold and I kinda remember rocket powers, angry beavers, as told by ginger, ren and stimpy, wild tornberries etc.