Nickelodeon Mafia (Scum Win)


Welcome to Nickelodeon Mafia where the programming is wholesome and LOTS OF YOU ARE ABOUT TO DIE!

With 10 alive, it takes 6 to lynch. Deadline is 2019-09-05T19:00:00Z Plurality and hammer both active.

What’s up nerds

VOTE: ItsTurkeyTime

Give me my fucking screw driver, chuckie.

I am a lie detector. How should I use it?

VOTE: ItsTurkeyTime
@ItsTurkeyTime Can you tell me if mafia has a daychat?

Trying to buddy up to me already Gtacc?

I’m trying to build towncore



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gak fart noise

Elli can u be town I don’t want to fight you with this playerlist

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Wait, Elli is in the game!!!

Should I lay back and watch or play

This is new GTacc so latter is my only option

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time to scum hunt. Chesskid, what are the other tabs open in your browser?



P scummy