Nickelodeon Dead Thread

Y’all want spoilers or nah?

I’m gonna guess Chess/dan/tier.

Feels like it’s something shitty like that tbh.

But yeah spoilers are good

Just Dan/turkey time

I had the right POE go me

All my games are basically a game of “Will town fuck themselves or not”

Main thing here is that andres and Elli have a power which will protect Timmy if he is in the game (he’s not, and scum was given him as a safe claim) and elli’s action gives joat powers to whoever he and Andres select so if Andres Elli read into ad’s Timmy claim they could super power AD moving forward

Ehhh. That’s not so much will town fuck themselves as the GM fucking town imo.

Not really tbh. Role pm explicitly states “if timmy is in the game”

Town shouldn’t rely on character claiming to make their decisions

Yeah, if it says Timmy might not be in the game that’s fine.

If it didn’t have ambiguity it would be kinda shitty.

You are Cosmo from the Fairly Odd-Parents. You are Town.

You are aware that Wanda is in the game. You are not aware of Wanda’s alignment. If both you and Wanda select the same person to act upon, you will give out a one time joat ability for them to use. If Timmy is in the game, both of you acting upon Timmy will also protect him.

Your Joat abilities are:

-One Shot Cop
-One Shot Track
-One Shot Gun
-One Shot Lightning Rod!

Andres is the same thing but Wanda and a watcher (Not a given out watcher action but just watches the person if both of them act upon them)

Ah yeah, that’s fine. I actually kinda like that tbh.

gtacc if you didn’t shoot someone…

Thought i put you in dead thread. Erika is town

i explicitly gave a poe with numbers with the assumption you’d shoot

Gtacc didn’t use either of your things

i mean my plan was game winning unless last scum is chess or andres

anyway I’m at least somewhat annoyed at like 6 different people this game.
aka literally everyone not andres and clem and dan.

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