[NEW!] [HOT!] The GTacc's Mafia Game

It will be very fun, please join.
At least 1 VT
Majority DKDK only (if there are no people with more than half votes by deadline, no DKDK at that day)

Gonna start with what I have got like in a week or when i have 11 people

(For new people: dkdk means getting voted out in game, you are free to use whatever you want [except L-word] but ill use this)

There won’t be weird posting restrictions that will make your life hard, it is about the roles i will use

I am changing the name because bad advertisement

If I join can I be town?

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Yes, you can also be not town

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Oh no thanks then

If I join, can I be exclusively non-factioned?


Yeah i may join :slight_smile:


Yes, you can join by clicking the in button on top left corner :slight_smile:

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