Neighborhood of Neighborizers

Hey what’s up

You’re all neighborizers. This is your neighborhood. Anyone any of you neighborizes gets added here.

If it ever reaches every living player I’ll lock it.

Can we talk yet or nah?


Talky talk

Walky walk

Naturally my immediate thought is that we should try to get the entire game in here

I believe in us

Y u betray me


Only a sith deals in statistics

thank goodness I’m not a sith

I Wanted To Be A Mason And All I Got Was This Lousy Hood

@chesskid3 can we talk at night or

Permanently open!

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Awesome, just like your mom

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you don’t have to pretend to be jester anymore

Who’s pretending

Do we as a collective pick one person to join or do we each pick a person?

Each pick a person I think