Needlessly Complicated Role PM - Mafia

Can Proto proxy my actions for me? Lulz


Let me try again.

No medallions used.
Feat to give constitution to Nanook.
I use all 60 solar credits for this night.
I use 10 Ether crests for the upcoming day.
Upgrade income
remainder of power tokens into medallions.

same pls

Increase Income Rating for yourself or for your team?

@nanook @doggoplays I’m fine with proxying actions, so long as you confirm that it’s what you want to be doing.


If that question was directed at me, income for myself.

Have intentionally submitted actions first to avoid having to put in actions for faction. I am sneaky like that.

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I spend 10 ether crests
I upgrade my ether crest income (for 20 powertokens?)
I use 20 solar credits
I use 6 (power tokens?) to get my bus 2 ability.

upgrade mafia factional kill + 1 (using 20 factional powertokens?)

@proto or @nanook can revise anything on my list indefinitely.

Who are you bussing? Also, if you spend 0 Priority Medallions, it will only affect other players who spent 0 Medallions.

@nanook @doggoplays @proto I’ve updated the title of all role PMs. I added " - Mafia" to yours, but if you were town it would say your username instead of Mafia.
e.g. “Needlessly Complicated Role PM - DoggoPlays”

bump @Nanook

Your timer says I have almost 24 hours!

I’ll figure something out this evening

wut, I thought I was buying the ability to bus people on night 1, not bussing them now?

like in virtually every night 0, no targeting actions can be made yet

those games are not needlessly complicated tho

does this mean we can use our night kill tonight?

use all my priority coins, night kill Elli with the +1 nightkill we bought

idk why I crossed that out, I think it’s actually a good idea.

unfortunately talents are not available on the night you purchase them

cancel my bus ritual purchase, not worth it anymore imo since it auto activates and doesn’t save until n1.

@Nanook @proto elli is surely using all 10 of his influence markers today, right? idk how many ether crests we need to use.

ugh I think we need to completely re-evalute the game and just deep wolf the shit out of this.

We drew like wut, 3 or 4 constitutional sigil ritual cards tonight? This makes me think that these sigils are ridiculously common to get. We can’t night kill now, we can’t nightkill n1 anyone with a sigil, and it becomes a very long and convoluted process of waiting to upgrade our nightkill to a reasonable level that we can ACTUALLY night kill anyone with any degree of certainty.

I hereby propose that our strategy is to instead use any ritual cards that let us give constitutional sigils and to give them to elli. like give ALL of them to elli. This is for the deep wolf. Specifically, this means proto gives a constitution sigil to Elli instead of his planned action of giving one to himself/nanook.

My understanding is that constitution sigils are 100% useless to us, except in the event that someone draws a a “learn whether your target player used a feat” card but even that fails to say which feat was used.

I have crunched the numbers. the game, the card deck with numerous alignment checks and tracks, our weak night kill compared to the high chance of townies getting lots of BPVs (sigils).

We cannot win.

The only thing we can do is try to let one of us deep wolf as long as possible.

Nanook, pls approve of this plan and tell proto to give the sigil to Elli.