Needlessly Complicated Mafia - Postgame

Currency Types

There are several types of currency available to you, detailed below.

Power Tokens

Power tokens are the main currency of the game. There is a pool of 472 tokens, wholly distributed on N0. Every night, you may choose to spend your available power tokens on any of three things:

  • Upgrading Talents
  • Using Abilities
  • Buying Priority Medallions

At the start of each night, spent power tokens are redistributed based on each player’s relative Income Rating.

The mafia team has a factional Income Rating. The Power Tokens earned in this way may be shared among the team in any way they choose.

Priority Medallions

Priority Medallions are used to determine turn resolution order. Every night, the player who spends the most Medallions resolves their entire set of actions first, then the player who spent the second-most, etc. Ties will be broken in the following order:

  1. Most remaining Priority Medallions (including those purchased this night)
  2. Most remaining Power Tokens
  3. Highest combined Athleticism & Studiousness
  4. Highest Skill Gauge
  5. Fewest Power Tokens spent tonight
  6. Previous night’s turn order
  7. RNG

Priority Medallions may be purchased using Power Tokens, at the rate of 10,000 Medallions per 1 Token. These become available for use at the start of the following night.

Solar Credits

Solar Credits determine the length of the day phase. Every night, you may spend any number of your Solar Credits. Day length will be equal to (√c)*4 hours, where c is equal to the total number of Solar Credits spent by all players. Solar Credits are available in the Ritual Deck.

Ether Crests

Ether Crests determine the number of votes you require to be banished. Every night, you may choose to consume any number of your Ether Crests. At the end of the following day, if you receive a number of votes at least equal to the number of Ether Crests you spent, you are banished. If you spend zero Ether Crests in a night, you will always be banished at the end of the next day. Certain Talents will reward you with additional Ether Crests.

Influence Markers

Influence Markers determine the strength of your vote. Every night, you may choose to consume any number of your Influence Markers. The following day, you will be able to vote that many times. You may vote for the same player more than once (although it won’t be reflected in the auto vote count). The number of votes each player has will be announced at the start of the day. Certain Talents will reward you with additional Influence Markers.

Constitution Sigils

Constitution Sigils cannot be spent, but are automatically consumed when you would otherwise be killed. One Sigil protects you from one kill. Note: these do not protect you from being banished. Constitution Sigils may be earned from either Talents or the Ability Decks.

Ability Decks & Skill Gauge

The Ability Decks are the main source of power for a player looking to have an impact the game. As such, they’ll be the primary target of Power Token spending. Note that if an ability fails for any reason, the Power Tokens spent on the ability are still spent. Any unplayed cards are discarded at the end of the night. You are guaranteed to never draw two of the same card in one night.

Athleticism & Feat Cards

Athleticism controls the number of Feat Cards you may play each night. Feat Cards are more or less regular abilities from the game of mafia. Each Feat Card has a Power Token cost attached to it, which must be paid in order to use the Feat. Most must be targeted at another player, for good or for ill.

Feat Deck

Send message to target player (Cost 1) x2
Give fruit to target player (Cost 2) x3
Steal target player’s remaining Power Tokens (Cost 2) x1
Learn whether target player used a Feat. Fails if they have higher priority. (Cost 3) x2
Learn whether target player used a Ritual. Fails if they have higher priority. (Cost 3) x2
Neighborize target player (Cost 4) x2
Learn target player’s place in the turn priority (Cost 4) x1
Track target player. Fails if they have higher priority. (Cost 5) x2
Block target player’s actions. Fails if they have higher priority. (Cost 7) x3
Bus two players. The bus will not affect players with higher priority. (Cost 6) x2
Learn who targeted you. You won’t see players with higher priority. (Cost 6) x3
Learn whether target player’s alignment is Apples or Oranges (Cost 8) x2
Learn target player’s Income Rating, Athleticism, Studiousness and Skill Gauge (Cost 9) x2
Give a Constitution Sigil to target player (Cost 14) x2
Get a Constitution Sigil (Cost 15) x1
Redirect target player to target other player. Fails if they have higher priority. (Cost 10) x3
Steal a Constitution Sigil from target player (Cost 18) x1
Poison target player, they will die at the end of the day (subject to being blocked by a Constitution Sigil) (Cost 25) x1

Studiousness & Ritual Cards

Studiousness controls the number of Ritual Cards you may play each night. Ritual Cards do not have a Power Token cost attached to them. Instead, their effect increases the more Power Tokens you spend to play the card. The number of tokens you spend to play the card is represented by an “x” on the card. Most of these have no target, and instead give their user some direct benefit.

Ritual Deck

Gain x*15000 Priority Medallions (x4)
Increase Income Rating by x/4 (x4)
Insert x/5 blank cards into the Feat Deck. You will never draw these cards. (x2)
Insert x/5 blank cards into the Ritual Deck. You will never draw these cards. (x2)
Play x/6 extra cards this night (x2)
Gain x/7 Solar Credits (x5)
Increase Athleticism by x/12 (x5)
Increase Studiousness by x/12 (x5)
Gain x/18 Constitution Sigils (x2)
Gain x/50 Ether Crests (x2)
Gain x/50 Influence Markers (x2)

Skill Gauge

The Skill Gauge controls the number of Feat and Ritual Cards you draw at the start of each night. At the start of the game, your Skill Gauge is at 2, so you draw two cards from each deck. At no point may your Athleticism or Studiousness exceed your Skill Gauge.


The Talents are a way to passively increase your footprint in the game. Each night, you may upgrade any number of Talents, but you may only upgrade each Talent once per night. The cost of upgrading a Talent is 10*(L+1) where L is the level you’re buying. This means that the first level costs 20 Power Tokens, the second costs 30, etc. All Talents start at level 0.


Nightly Ether Crest Income +1
Nightly Influence Marker Income +1
Income Rating +6
Skill Gauge +1

Mafia Talents

The Mafia team have their own Factional Talents. These Talents may be purchased by any member of the Mafia, and benefit the entire faction. After being purchased, these abilities become available for use the following night. The cost formula is the same.

Mafia Talents

Kill Strength +1 (the Mafia kill requires L Constitution Sigils to block. When this is 0, the Mafia kill does nothing)
Trading +1 (allows the Mafia to trade currencies / cards between each other L times per night)
Blocks +1 (allows the Mafia to take L block actions per night, but only one per member)
Factional Income Rating +5

Starting State

Each player starts with:

  • 36 Power Tokens
  • 100,000 Priority Medallions
  • 60 Solar Credits
  • 60 Ether Crests
  • 10 Influence Markers
  • 0 Constitution Sigils

  • 8 Income Rating
  • 2 Skill Gauge
  • 1 Athleticism
  • 1 Studiousness

  • Level 0 in all Talents

Additionally, the Mafia team starts with the following Factional Bank, available for use by any of its members:

  • 40 Power Tokens
  • 4 Income Rating

  • Level 0 in all Mafia Talents

Nightly Actions

Here is a quick reference of the actions you can take:

  • Spend Priority Medallions to increase your action priority.
  • Spend Solar Credits to increase day length.
  • Spend Ether Crests to ensure you aren’t voted out.
  • Spend Influence Markers to increase the number of votes you can place.
  • Spend Power Tokens to:
    • Upgrade Talents to increase your passive income.
    • Use Feat or Ritual Cards to impact the game.
    • Purchase Priority Medallions to ensure you have enough for the next night.


I have finished sending roles. Night 0 is a full night! Please take the time to read the rules, they are important! There is a quick reference for night actions in the post above this one, use it to ensure you’ve performed all the actions available to you.

Day One will start once I have valid actions in from everyone.


Night Zero will end on 2020-07-14T14:00:00Z at the latest. Please ensure all of your actions have been submitted before then.

I’ve updated everyone’s role PMs with current info on your currency balances and talent levels. I’ll be doing this every night.

@StarV has 9 votes.
@M2H has 0 votes.
@NotMafia has 0 votes.
@GTacc has 2 votes.
@chesskid3 has 8 votes.
@Nanook has 3 votes.
@JakeTheWolfie has 5 votes.
@proto has 2 votes.
@dunya has 2 votes.
@Andresvmb has 1 vote.
@DoggoPlays has 1 vote.
@Ellibereth has 9 votes.

Votecount as of post #7

Not Voting (42): StarV, StarV, StarV, StarV, StarV, StarV, StarV, StarV, StarV, GTacc, GTacc, chesskid3, chesskid3, chesskid3, chesskid3, chesskid3, chesskid3, chesskid3, chesskid3, Nanook, Nanook, Nanook, JakeTheWolfie, JakeTheWolfie, JakeTheWolfie, JakeTheWolfie, JakeTheWolfie, proto, proto, dunya, dunya, Andresvmb, DoggoPlays, Ellibereth, Ellibereth, Ellibereth, Ellibereth, Ellibereth, Ellibereth, Ellibereth, Ellibereth, Ellibereth

137 Solar Credits were spent, so day length is 46:49:08.

I love Star, Elli and chesskid they are really good and smart people

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Also jake is pretty good

VOTE: Ellibereth
VOTE: chesskid3
VOTE: JakeTheWolfie
VOTE: Nanook

High influencers deserve to be voted.

Good luck with that.

Everyone please claim apples & oranges if you have them

I don’t know what that is so I assume I don’t have it

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Hey everybody. Well, it does not appear that I have put myself in a position to really influence the vote, which is probably for the better.

If Elli has put himself down for 9 votes, this is almost always a sign for Town - I really doubt that Scum!Elli would restrict his direct ability to influence the vote so much later in the game, but of course I could be wrong.

Why didn’t you guys tell me it was 9 not 8

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I think that the people that have put themselves for less votes probably deserve more scrutiny here? My thinking was that based on the playerlist, I’ll probably stick around a few days unless TK’ed so I’m not under tremendous pressure to make myself super influential yet.

But Scum probably wants to become more influential after they have had the chance to TK/NK a few players, particularly the more dangerous ones, so I’m guessing the less influential players are more likely to contain Scum.

Should i vote everyone 1 by 1 :thinking: