Needlessly Complicated Mafia - Postgame

Should i vote everyone 1 by 1 :thinking:

And the point of that is?

Also, every Solar Credit is worth… 1,230.3 seconds of day length? Random.

Find out anyone who is a chump and 8 votes kills them

by your same logic above they should be sus no?

8 votes does not kill them. Because the total number of votes is 42 according to the counter.

So 22 votes is majority.

You should read the rules


You say this as if the rules were a small paragraph.

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How many ether crests did u spend

Okay I see this now. I did not spend any Solar Credits to be totally honest so I did not read this.

Sup cunts, Im the Jester and Im here to troll the shit out of this game

VOTE: NotMafia


Ether crests andres how many

You didnt know the mechanic existed yet you didn’t die so what did u spend and why

chop chop

Hahaha oh shit I did not read that carefully. I don’t think I should state how many I spent that seems sub-optimal.

If it was less than 8 I recommend saying it right now or we may have a very short day


I’m going to decline. This is a pretty silly angle to be honest.

VOTE: Andresvmb