Needlessly Complicated Mafia (12+)

This game will be needlessly complicated. Like to the point where nobody knows what’s happening and the mod needs multiple spreadsheets to calculate night actions.

This wouldn’t really be fun for anyone to play or for me to moderate but I’ll throw it out there and see how many people sign up.

Can i join twice im really excited for this concept

I don’t see why not, do you have two accounts?

You know it!

but I dont have the passwords saved what a shame

I will keep this thread open for as long as necessary. The number of Power Tokens present at the start of the game will be equal to the number of days this takes to fill multiplied by the number of letters in the day of the week that the game fills.

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Uristisring that this will take a long time, huh?


If it takes too long to fill I’ll start reducing the number of available Solar Credits (and Ether Crests too, if it takes a really really long time), to compensate for the glut of Power Tokens.


We’re gonna have so many power tokens

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Only 4 more people required for this fun fun game!

Do I need a PhD in order to understand?


Simple omniscience should suffice

Really though, almost all information will be open, in an effort to avoid this turning into Needlessly Confusing Mafia.

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