Musical Mafia uPick

Simple concept. You send me a band and a song (the song doesn’t have to be by the band you pick). I design a role. You all bang your heads against each other until a victor emerges.

Days will be approximately 72 hours nights roughly 24. Vote will be plurality at EOD with supermajority ending the day early (two thirds vote). Possible slight bastardization but nothing insane—no GM lies, for example.

Game will run with however many signups we get by Wednesday night.

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how loosely are we defining song and band

Katy perry counts but “that dude I heard playing the buckets on the subway one time”…also counts.

Song has to be something I can listen to.

Basically it has to be something I either know of or can be exposed to.

anime/classical music?

this count?

Yeah, as long as you can show it to me I’ll roll with it

Sure! I wouldn’t expect a great role if you’re torturing the GMs ears, but that’s your call :wink:


I’m gonna leave this open until the weekend. Game will start Saturday morning or afternoon depending on how long designing roles takes.


actually nah sorry /out

Music hater

I’m sorry

It’s all good, I’m just teasing :slight_smile:


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Punch the Join button up top!



Roles will be sent out tonight or tomorrow morning.

i swear i haven’t sent you a song