Multiples of 4 open mafia

The game rules are simple:

Every 4th player to join the game is scum.

Scum must achieve two mislynches in order to win
Town must achieve two scum lynches in order to win.

Players can join the game via private message only.

Players who are not in the game may post freely.

Since you don’t know how many players are /in, you don’t know what votes are valid. Do not assume hammers, I will close the thread once there is a hammer.

Scum will be added to the scum pt… Role PM’s may not be instant, I will try my best.

@Ellibereth why can’t a game be in signups and ongoing simultaneously?

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Anyway, this game is perpetually in signups and perpetually live until it is over.


VOTE: Ellibereth

I have a pen

this is an interesting concept. if i decide to in, how do i know whether i am the 4th player?

He will send pm


I’m pretty sure there’s a tag for this.

You do bring up a good point about the current structure not supporting rolling “join-anytime” games super well.
I think the thought was that outside of super casual ones they don’t work super well without some degree of automation.

Maybe this is where our “custom game tech for hosts” service I messaged some of you should start, along with anon games.


I think this game format is better than the previous join anytime. It’s relatively hard to keep track of who joined when - since you don’t necessarily know based on posting… And once you have a few players it’s actually a mafia game.

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VOTE: Ellibereth

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Who’s even in this game? (Keep in mind, I am the mod and I’m not playing)