MU Hydra event

I’m just posting this here so people know about it.

Hi, have you ever wanted to play mafia with your friend in the same account so badly and have a really really great time with them? Have I got the event for you:

In this event, you’ll find yourself a partner from your home community and the two of you will share the same account to play mafia on. It’s a great chance to have fun and make new friends.

Historically, this event involves an absurd number of players playing a whole lotta mafia and having an absolute blast while doing so. The games will start between late October and mid December, and you’ll of course be slotted into whichever game suits you best with regards to start date and preferred setup type.

Sign up, you won’t regret it!

Most of the post shamelessly stolen by Overki11 and maybe (maybe) if anyone wants me to play with them I can join, maybe we can represent the community together!

Right, thanks for the reminder, was waiting for this.

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Ive gotten like three pms about this on that site. Their huge events are kinda a pain in the ass, not likely to sign up for this.

They even pm’d me multiple times.

Hehe I got only 1 pm

I’m boycotting MU cuz their players are bad

And their champs voting system sucks

Yeah chesskid is the best

Turbos are fun