Most memorable games and moments on site so far?

These posts should be starting with me including some examples but it’s late and I’d need to think about it!

Elli making a thread with context, but no content is the very foundation of mafia451, and while it’s not overly memorable, we are constantly reminded.

Vague posts about ranked come to mind


Elli slowrolling in just for laughs mafia while Nanook and chess simultaneously agree that elli has to die first and that the other one is kinda scummy for it

Also that one time star said he was gonna do a dinner murder mystery themed video forum game hybrid


They’re getting less vague okay.
There’s actually an argument for keeping the final rating calculation under the hood (think video game mmr calcs…)

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Oh, that time Elli said Urist was the best mafia player on site and now gets shamed for it after every game because Urist has 0 correct reads.

The entirely theoretical NY meetup.

Of course there’s all the countless times elli tries to take credit for Key’s hard work


i think i misposted on r/roastme whoops my bad.


That time Key said the fancy graphs of BGA are better than the math we have for ranked.

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That time elli’s head almost exploded after key said it

That time when we raided throne of lies forums because they stole DS’ game


I mean, I’m pretty sure this is synonymous with what you asked in the op, but you didn’t provide examples, so it’s hard to tell.

what was just for laughs mafia?

they’re applying a 1v1 algo on team games in such a bad way

This was a great moment

the one where we got to exit if we guessed the scumteam but we didn’t because we both thought there was only 2 scum

We want graphs and colours and fancy images that depicts rank


Remember that time elli made a topic for memorable moments and apparently forgot that his core player base lives to troll him