Mix & Match Mafia (Full - Confirming)

This is an open game where there are no power roles and only Vanilla Townies and Mafia Goons. However, there is a special mechanic.

Open Game

  • This game contains 9 Vanilla Townies and 3 Mafia Goons.
  • Mafia has access to day chat.
  • The game begins with Night 0, with no factional kill.

Special Mechanic - Mix and Match


  • The players will be divided to multiple groups, where they may or may not contain Mafia.
  • During the Day Phase, players vote which member from the group to be matched.
  • If maximum amount of Mafia members are matched, they are eliminated. Otherwise, players vote from the matched players to eliminate.


{T1-T2-M1-T3} {T4-T5-M2-T6} {T7-T8-M3-T9} = Town Wins
{T1-T2-T3} {T4-M1-M2} {M3-T5-T6} = M1 and M3 are Eliminated
{T1-T2-M1} {T3-T4-M2} {T5-T6-M3} = Vote from Matched
{T1-T2-T3-T4} {T5-M1-T6-T7} {T8-M1-M2} = Vote from Matched
{T1-T2-T3-M1} {M2-T4-T5-T6} {T7-T8-M3-T9} = Vote from Matched
{T1-T2-M1} {T3-M2} {T4-T5} = Vote from Matched


  • During the Night Phase, Mafia must select how many groups will the day begin with, and which member goes to which group.
  • The number of group must be greater than or equal to the Mafia members alive.
  • It is possible to create the group(s) with no Mafia members.
  • The number of members per group must be equal, or if not possible, as equal as possible.

Win Condition

Town wins when

  • All Mafia members are eliminated.
  • All Mafia members are matched during the Day Phase.

Mafia wins when

  • The faction consists half of the living players


  • Riley Cake
  • Drugged Lulu
  • Metal Sonic
  • Josh
  • northsidegirl
  • not an alt
  • Andres
  • Clem
  • Urist
  • Mantis
  • Ellibereth
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I’m so confused.

each group does a lyncherdoodle

if all the mafia are lyncherdoodled town wins

if it’s MMT the two mafia dies dies dies
if it’s MTT there’s another lyncherdoodle to narrow 3 to 1?

what if it’s like {MTT} {MTT} and one group lyncherdoodles Mafia and one group lyncherdoodles town?

Only if that T didn’t contain mafia in the group.
If that T group contained mafia, it goes to the voting.

OOOOOOOHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ho ho ho ok.

but otherwise if every possible mafia is picked
every possible mafia DIE DIE DIE

otherwise only 1 person die


when does GIF die

also /in

sorry I’m too dumb to play

I wish I can write a tl;dr of some sort
But it’s kinda hard

Here is the TL;DR provided by chesskid

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Frick Yeh, I’m /in

Oh, let’s talk about the deadline.

I like 4 days excluding weekends/2 days if voting from the matched/1 day night

That’s good, but could be reworded.


in but i’m confused


That about sums up my games in general

I might join, but the more games i’m in the less time I have to work on coding stuff…and I tihnk most of you would rather have the latter be faster. :stuck_out_tongue: