Matroskha 3 - Over

This time I’m only sending PMs to the scum.

They will go out tomorrow at around 9am and I will unlock the thread then as well.



48 hours to the second starts now!

This is me making a post that associates me with Nanook and Dan.

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Can I be Scum in one of these iterations? I feel like that would be interesting.

In any case, I’m Town. You can make of that what you will. I’ll be back later after the discussion has already started to see how I can help.

There’s only 2 Scum though I thought.

See, now we’re associated.

why do associations have to be SS

are we the DS and Clem of this game :thinking:


Nah you’re Scum and I’m not. So we can’t be the DS and Clem of this game :wink:

Oh, and I’m calling it - StarV will reach the conclusion that I’m Scum for sure.

its okay starv probably thinks we think he’s scum already

look at all these associations we’re creating it’s beautiful

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Andres, Elli and I are TTT.

Game Over, next.

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Nah, you think I’m town this game.

I can only think that you’re Town if you have me as Scum. Otherwise, I will always be suspicious of your alignment.




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