Matroshka 5

It’s time.

8p 2scum 1 dollmaker

Will you rise to power? Or see your creations turn to Chucky and destroy everything you hold dear?

48h/48h. No frills no gimmicks no restrictions.

Just a dollmaker and his dolls, and no limitations on when they can lock in their answer.

however it must be IN THREAD AND BOLDED OR VOTE: 1. 2. 3. etc

1 is the smallest 8 is the biggest, placement entirely up to dollmaker

Town wins if dolls 1 and 2 town and no consecutive scum in any dolls.
Otherwise scum win, including dollmaker timeout.

Dollmaker randed immediately after the first 48hr phase

Doll me daddy



add gun, add limitations to lock time


Ty autobumper

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