Matroshka 4 [8p]

They’re back.

They’re angry this time.

New BONUS feature, the dollmaker gets a 1-shot vig they can choose to use or not before making everyone into dolls!

The alignment won’t flip though :pensive:.

48/48 DLs. 12h cooldown on using the gun, 24h cooldown on locking in those lyrical dolls.

can’t wait to get vigged


You have to push the button to have that chance

although I do think you should reveal alignment. yes it helps town but there’s more play around it

(otherwise you just auto vig the person you would have put in the 3rd/last slot anyway and the game barely changes

Au contraire it doesnt change at all if you do that :grimacing:

What a great

bonus feature

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Actually I guess you get 1 more out away from the 6/7 scum position

The goal was for the bonus feature to be anti town if used actually

Maybe we can assign PRs that can effect the order to specific slots in it.

1 shot vig? Is ds playing?

Maybe I should give the vig to the person in the 1 2 or 7 spot and they can vig anyone and the order readjusts :thinking:

I kid I kid. The bonus feature re mains as advertised

Sure, why not? Pretty sure I understand the setup now, but no idea best strategies.

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i will be the egg master this time



Randing tmrw

i think cantrip is low activity on weekends

Randing monday