March Madness Head to Head Mafia Signups (6/8)

Player Count : 8
Deadlines : 2x(48+24+24), 1x(24)
Max game length estimate : 9 Days
Daily time commitment per player : Minimum 1 post per 24 hours

4x Town
2x Mafia
1x 3rd Party Match Fixer
1x 3rd Party Renegade

Win cons:
3rd Party Match Fixer: Lose in the first round
All other alignments: Win if your team is the last one standing

Town MVP – Wins ties
Town Cinderella – All eliminated players get to vote in the final 2 elimination
Town 1-Shot Cop – May target 1 player at any time to find out that player’s alignment
Town Favorite – Is automatically moved up one position in the initial seeding

3rd Party Match Fixer – Lose in the first round to win
3rd Party Renegade – 1-shot vigilante

Mafia 1-shot Role-blocker – Prevents another player’s role from taking effect
Mafia 1-shot Instant replay – After votes have been announced, cancel one vote

Point system (In case you all want to do this 8 times for the full March Madness bracket – we can decide post game if the format worked, this is definitely experimental at this stage…):

Team Win: 2pts
Individual Score:
1st – 3
2nd – 2
3rd, 4th – 1
5th , 8th – 0

3rd party scores 2 additional points on team win (3rd party are neutral and win alone)

Seeding – Mafia team determines seeding into single elimination bracket.
Pre-game – Everyone gets to discuss lynch targets. (mafia have scum chat)
Game day – 2 games are resolved simultaneously in the first round, all living players submit one post with their lynch targets (one from each game).
Players are never re-seeded, game state is returned to pre-game discussion after all games of the current round are resolved.

Other important notes:
Mafia team decides ties unless otherwise indicated.
Everyone MUST vote for a lynch
I have no idea if this format is going to work, but hey… At least it will be fast and potentially hilarious (yes, 4 players get lynched D1)


Didnt read

/in. Also didn’t read.

/in because sounds like a meme game

In. Tried to read but scrolled down and read no one else read it so I felt validated in not reading it.

All you need to know is that everyone gets a power role and the game won’t be 10000 posts long.


I’m happy with that.

3 more gogogo @DS I know you can be tempted by a game with much wifom