Magic The Gathering Mafia


So this game is based on Magic The Gathering.


Every player will start with 7 cards in hand, draw 1 additional card at the start of each day.

All effects will be based on Magic The Gathering.

Each EOD vote is worth 1 damage

All players have a set amount of starting HP

All damage is reset at the start of the next day

Balance & what not to be worked out depending on player count…

oooh this is a concept @beeboy and I have looked at before

I started playing MTGA and I’m really hooked on it right now, so figured I’d give it a shot.


Sounds like a game for nerds

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I’m kind of addicted to this game right now…

I feel like you’re doing this backwards
I quit card games when doing startup stuff. :stuck_out_tongue:

Join this

how many do you need for this bro, i dont know shit about mtg

You don`t really need to