Mafiacon (Cali, April 27)

Not sure if I can go but I think we have a few Cali people/a few people that may be able to fly?
$20 to sign up, nonbinding, the more financially binding part will be flights/hotels.

Enter your team as Mafia451 :slight_smile:

Tagging ppl who come to mind who I think might be interested or geographically near

@DS @ErikaFurudo @Josh @chesskid3 @Srceenplay @Urist @Nanook

I love BTS

I live too far I think :frowning:

Interested, but Quebec is not anywhere close to California. :frowning:

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hey urist im from Ontario #mafiaroadtrip ??


Yeah!! We’ll do our own mafiacon, with blackjack and hookers!

Hey guys, I want to trip

I need an excuse to go to Cali. I don’t want a reason to go to LA.
I’m to busy to take a trip atm.

Yeah I probably can’t due to life stuff.

No can do

Hey it’s my birthday

Happy birthday chesskid, when are you being chessadult?

its not my real birthday is my 451 birthday

call me flamelkid

If it was in the better half of California maybe

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big facts

Also fun facts: I’ve never actually played irl mafia

I have a feeling I would suck at it

will it be streamed

I think so