Mafiabot Discussion

We’re building an automated all-purpose mafiabot. Here are some of the features we have planned. Is there anything you think we may have left out that you guys would consider core? Are there any potential non-core “perk” additions you’d like included just because they’d be cool? Let us know here!

We hope to have a working version with just automated and requested votecounts up within the next half year, and we’re aiming for a year for it to be able to fully moderate games.

Mafiabot Features:

  1. Users can request vote counts.

  2. Bot can automatically generate vote counts after n posts without a votecount.

  3. Sense nonexact spellings for votes. (This will likely not be a priority).

  4. Lock and unlock threads when appropriate.

  5. Process player actions (syntax will likely need to be exact for this - with accompaniyng documentation and confirmations on approval.)

  6. Send role pm’s and notify players with private messages for anything that needs notifying.

  7. Offer information on potential setup balance for game designers.

  8. Potentially track player and setup stats. (player’s choice whether to opt-in or not).

Would it be possible to have a way to either define atypical vote mechanics or let the host intercept the vote count and modify as needed before it’s posted?

  • It should do replacements like the MU modbot thats a pretty important feature.

  • It should allow vote manipulation, lots of mods really like that and I’ve seen a lot of it lately.
    For example proxy accounts with votes anonymously controlled by a player is something I’ve seen a lot of mods use lately.
    Obviously double vote/hated/loved/vote stealing should also be implemented.

  • To go with the above give an option for alternate kinds of votes to be tracked (not overly needed)

  • The vote history should be recorded and be public info for players.

  • The bot should be able to do flips automatically. This goes with along side point 4, I am not sure if you were already implementing that.

I am busy right now if I can think of more things I will make another post.

3, I would recommend you allow the mod define potential misspellings of a user’s handle, a la Thesp’s votecounter.

  1. I think that tracking all stats should be opt-out, but allowing non mods to see your stats should be opt-in.

Thesp’s tool is terrible

It’s not great or anything, I agree. The ability to define user aliases would be useful though.

Eventually used to track statistics of games

Thanks for all the feedback guys!

r.e. vote manipulation:
Letting hosts come in and program a “custom” way to define votes may not be available in the first year but I’ll make sure it’ll be something we can add in smoothly once the basic functions are up and running.

r.e. vote history being recorded and public info:
What way to you guys best like vote history to be displayed? If I vote A, then B, then C in between two vote counts - only C will be shown right now. This will tie into a later more general question (prefered visual for vote information in genernal) that I’ll be needing some feedback on. Expect a seperate topic on this fairly soon.

r.e. “alternate names”:
Yeah I think it’ll be to the hosts disgression whether to input some A = B’s. The default will be some sort of set spellings required.

Are you saying the former should be on by default but you can choose to not have them tracked, while the latter is off to be default but you can choose to release them? That’s probably a smart idea. Thanks.

Are there any stats you might want tracked that may not be obvious?

i cant think of any non obvious stats to be tracked right now, all i can think of are pretty obvious, so no. for now just town winrate, scum winrate, for the given setup

maybe for players too but im not so sure about that part

Players name, who voted then unvote and if they then revoted.

Catspurr; smilodon, pyx, ellie … Pyx name crossed out when he unvotes
pyx Cats … Cats name crossed out when he unvotes
Ellie Pyx, Cats

It is the way pyx has always done it so I am so use to it I find it hard to read any other way.

yeah this would be super useful btw ^^ - its how i usually do votecounts

Will put on the list.
Likely will be another mode like we have with list and classic right now.

Not sure when we’ll get to it though, a few other things I want to work on first.