Mafia451 KnowledgeBase

Coming soon.

Articles I’ve written or started:

  • What is Mafia
  • Terminology and Three Letter Acronyms (this will never be complete)
  • What is Trajectory and Why Does ffery talk About it so Much?
  • Design and Moderation Advice for Novice Game Moderators
  • Guapo’s Law
  • ffery’s Algorithm

Other Articles I think a Mafia KnowledgeBase should have

  • How to play as scum
  • How to play as town
  • How to play as 3rd Party (for common 3P win conditions)
  • What is gambiting?
  • Scum Hunting
  • PR Hunting
  • Town Blocs: Good or Bad?
  • What is Meta and why would I use it?

What else?


Pro/Anti-Town Behaviors
Types of Players
Reading Narrative

Not personally biased, I swear!

Who am I kidding, bias exists in everything! Actually, could that be a topic too?I am probably getting carried away now…