Mafia451 is...

…going to be represented in the MU Champs finale by yours truly. And I’m bringing the gospel of merpeople with me. Condolences will be accepted now.

That is all.



do you know who’s in the game? if I have enough time I can give you meta files on.

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The real win is the people we lightly to heavily mock along the way.


Lexi is, other than that I have no idea because I haven’t been paying attention.

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just be outlandish

oh yeah I have a file on her somewhere

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also solid hook title bro - very 2008 of you, we need to bring these back


should i do it for site announcements from now on

Yes you should

nanook you have to win so we can tell ds that he’s not allowed to lose next year


yes you definitely should

you realize ive never lost a champs game right?

ive just lost the popularity contest

its a great format isn’t it

oh, of course, and i love the mods on the site as well

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Tbh I was pretty surprised more people weren’t annoyed about the merpeople preaching :woman_shrugging:

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we basically almost have how ranked/tournament mode will work worked out zzzz

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cant wait

just lynch the people annoyed by it LOL

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i feel like the seriousness of ranked play is the only thing that makes me tryhard