Mafia451 Content Drive and Contest!

Hey everyone! We’re announcing our first CONTENT DRIVE!

As some of you guys know, we’re soon to launch our main website which will include a section that houses all our featured guides, articles, and interviews. The selection will be curated (it’s not a wiki!) and the stuff that eventually goes up will always go through an editing process that’ll be led by @fferyllt.

We want to encourage you guys to write and share articles about mafia so for the next 3 months or so (official end date TBA), we’re offering some extra incentives!

Everyone that posts a mafia-related guide or article in mafia discussion will get a badge (Design TBD). On top of that, all entrants will be entered into a raffle where we’ll have a random drawing for a small prize. Finally, some amount of entrants will be chosen by us to undergo an editing process that will lead to the article eventually being published on our site. Among this set we’ll select and award one author who we feel wrote the best article and they will get a prize.

What are these prizes?

Unfortunately we don’t have branded merch yet and we’re not at the stage where we want to deal with physical shipping.
The top prize candidate is for the winners to choose among a set of gift cards on sites like Steam that are in the neighborhood of $20. We’re also open to any suggestions for what you guys think would be good prizes for now, or in the future.

What are we looking for in articles?

  • Good writing - this means solid spelling and grammar at a minimum.
  • A clear audience - know who you’re writing for. There are a lot of different types of readers in the greater mafia community.
  • Original content - no rehashing existing articles that you or someone else wrote somewhere else unless you’re making some MAJOR changes.
  • Mafia451 exclusive - we want our content to only be available through us and our potential future partners.

This topic is to just get the event rolling and for you guys to give us questions, suggestions, and general feedback about it.