Mafia with cash prizes

How much potential prize money would there need to be for you to want to

  1. play event(s) here with cash prizes
  2. play an event(s) elsewhere (different site) with cash prizes.


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  1. 1 million dollars
  2. 5 bucks

For me, my willingness to play (inversely related to the prize pool required) would depend on a few factors:

  1. The setup matters a lot. Setups that are swimming in PRs are trash for obvious reasons, I don’t need to get into that. But general things like no alignment reveal or nightless also matter a lot. I wouldn’t want to play in a setup that uses either of those mechanics.
  2. How many games I’m required to play, over how much time, and the time investment for each game are huge factors. If you want me to play 16 video mafia games over a month, that’s a lot more daunting than if you’d have asked me to play 8.
  3. If it’s forum mafia, I’d be less willing to play games with short day lengths, since people tend to spam a lot more / require realtime interaction / make deadline lynch decisions, which I might not have the availability for.
  4. The rating system would play into it a great deal. The rating system here is good, but certain other sites use subjective rating systems, which are not so good.
  5. The player set is important as well, for competitive reasons. If I sign up for a tournament on a site where everyone else playing knows each other, I’m at a huge disadvantage. Conversely, if I know a majority of the player list, I’d be at an advantage and would be more willing to play.
  6. The number of players and prize distribution play a factor. As an extreme example, I’d probably not bother signing up for anything where the prize is split between the top 3 out of 50.
  7. If the ruleset punishes me for silly things like saying the F word or the L word, I’d be less willing to play. I do believe that sportsmanship should be encouraged, and that a player should be reprimanded if they rail on another player… I’m more talking about certain communities with hamfisted moderators.

tl;dr if we’re talking a large month-long event, I’d likely play here for a prize pool as small as $500.
For somewhere like Mafia Universe, using their championship format, it’d have to be around $20k.


All of this is assuming that taking the event seriously / tryharding is a prerequisite. I’d participate in any event for free, the effort just wouldn’t be there.

For me, I’d be interested in playing based on a few factors:

  1. The set up needs to have a ton of PRs, preferably either flipless or nightless
  2. I think for cash prizes, the set up needs to involves as many games as possible, like at least 32 games for video mafia otherwise the sample is too small.
  3. For forum mafia, I want days to be as short as possible because long days #ranked
  4. Objective rating systems are stupid because someone subjectively determines what they think is the best way to rate people and then they call it an objective metric. Like the rating system here is highly questionable, people should just vote ala Survivor.
  5. I only really want to play with complete strangers, the people I know are all jerks.
  6. I really prefer if it’s winner takes all prize, because anything but first is a loss.
  7. I really only would consider playing in #friendly games where people can’t be rude or offensive, preferable if this punishes their tournament standings.
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Survivor set a new bar, has to be 2 million for me.


Oh yeah, I forgot to add that I’d only play if @StarV is banned


Youbalso forgot that everyone has to play worse than Jake