Mafia Legacy Signups [Game 1, 3p]

General Information:

Player Amount: 3
Day Length: 3 Days Period
Night Length: 1 Day Period
Lynch Type: Plurality (Random if a tie)


This is Game 1 of a preferably infinite string of Episodic Mafia Game.
In this game, the game will start in the Day phase.
Whichever players win will decide on one change for the next Setup. I will be the ultimate authority on whether or not it will be added.


2 Vanilla Town
1 Vanilla Mafia

Sample Role PMs:

Vanilla Town
Vanilla Mafia

@Seththeking & @Srceenplay
You both replied with some interest into the discussion of this. This is just me notifying you that this is a thing now.

i’m /in but if someone else really wants to do this instead they can have my slot

The Signups are closed.