Mafia Legacy [Game 2, 5p]

General Information:

Player Amount: 5
Day Length: 3 Days Period
Night Length: Nightless
Lynch Type: Plurality (Random if a tie, day ends when all players vote.)


This is Game 2 of a preferably infinite string of Episodic Mafia Game.
In this game, the game will start in the Day phase.
Whichever players win will decide on one change for the next Setup. I will be the ultimate authority on whether or not it will be added.

Do take note: Plurality IS in effect. However, it is possible to “hammer”, if every player votes. In the case of my not being immediately on, you may twilight post.


3 Vengeful Town
1 Chaotic Mafia
1 D1 Loser Mafia

Sample Role PMs:

Vengeful Town
Chaotic Mafia
D1 Loser Mafia


All of you get first dibs before anyone else, if you would like to join.

@Andresvmb Here’s the signup thread.

Typically in vengeful there’s no NK. Otherwise the game is kinda broken

I’m in! And yes, I agree about the NK.

Also usually the game continues if The Godfather is shot during D1, it only ends if they’re TKed (lynched)

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The OP was edited:


D1 Loser Mafia now only loses for mafia when it’s lynched, not shot.



Edited the role pm’s slightly for accuracy.

Ties especially should be decided by mafia in this and not randed else you can end up in some silly situations.

But… there is no GF

Oh god terminology standardization.
We usually call the mafia that instantly loses godfather.

Godfather means multiple meanings:

Tailored to appear Town
Loses for the mafia if it dies

yeah that’s not ideal I know, second in this context.

LOSER is funny tho

In the vengeful town and goon/chaotic role pms, it says they “may” take certain actions. The actions aren’t optional, maybe this could be clearer


It Full Now

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The signups are closed.

@Seththeking, @chesskid3, @Nanook, @Andresvmb, and @Drifter are the players. Expect the game to start rolling at around 2020-01-29T20:00:00Z