Mafia Game

7 players
2 mafia goons
5 vanilla town
No flips
Days only end when an equal number of town and mafia publicly vote for it to end.

Open to feed back to adjust.


Day ends immediately when 0 town and 0 mafia vote for it amirite

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I don’t know. I’m just making shit up.

VOTE: Urist

Easy fix to deal with that:

Day ends when an equal number of town and mafia, >0, vote for the day to end.

Catch is that you need to be able to vote twice: once for DK and once for DE.

Unfortunately it’s still impossible for town to win because mafia would have to vote “end” when it would cause them to lose lol

“After 24 hours”
Does that fix it?

What I mean is, if there’s 1 mafia left then they won’t vote to end the game if they’re about to die…

WTF you want, a timer to end the day?

I don’t know what I want

You put a special case: In the event of 1 Mafia remaining, the moderator counts as a Mafia for voting purposes, but cannot vote before 24 hours.

And oh boy howdy that could cause some entertaining shenanigans.

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