Mafia De Cuba R2

Alright guys, so here’s how this game works. You’re all mafia! And you get to select your roles.

Mafia Godfather - randomized (sorry, this guy doesn’t get to pick)
Loyalist - aligned with the godfather
Driver - aligned with the player on their right (there will be a selection order)
FBI agent - Wins if the godfather targets him
Thief - Wins if they successfully stole the most diamonds.
Street Urchin - wins if a thief wins

So, the gameplay… The godfather starts off with a box that contains roles and diamonds.

For balance reasons, roles will be added to the box at even player numbers (this prevents a loyal block from forming).

The god father starts by removing 0-5 diamonds from the box, so the godfather is the only player who knows how many diamonds start.

Then, in turn order, each player can take either a role or any amount of diamonds.

The first player may also choose to bury a role (this role will be removed from the game).

The last player may choose to take nothing and become a street urchin.

Once the godfather gets the box back, he examines the content and must now recover all of his missing diamonds.

If the godfather accuses incorrectly (hitting a loyalist or a driver), then the player who stole the most diamonds (and still has them) wins. If the godfather accuses the FBI or CIA agent, the agent immediately wins, everyone else loses. If the godfather accuses a thief or a street urchin, that player is eliminated from the game and the diamonds that player possesses are returned to the godfather.

The goal is for the godfather to lead the interrogation, but everyone is free to post at any time.

Quantity of each role will be announced once sign ups are completed

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Today was my last day on the job, starting something new tomorrow, so I’m just. A tad short on time right now.

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Let’s get it on

Turn Order:


Ellibereth is the Godfather

Roles in the game
Loyal Henchman
FBI Agent

Other Roles
Diamond Thief
Street Urchin

@Ellibereth Starts off with the box, it contains 15 Diamonds (and up to 1 role). Roles will be introduced as a selection option at random points throughout the turn order 1-6, top 3 are the entry points for roles.

Ellibereth may look into the box and remove 0-5 diamonds from it, he will then pass the box to Tier by indicating pass in the thread, selections will be made privately.


Discussion is permitted at any time, this game is night less. Generally, it is beneficial to allow the godfather to ask the questions, but you may speak out of turn.

Okay so I’ve actually read everything now and this concept is pretty cool.
Need to think about how to approach for a little but will get a move on shortly.

I’m gonna make you an offer you can refuse

This seems complicated. Looking forward to it!