Mafia 451 Draft Mafia WIP

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  1. Sign up by privately messaging me (so that nobody knows who the team captains are), specify whether or not you would like to be a team captain.
  2. I hope to get 19 players, so this will hopefully be a 17 player game along with two team captains.

Team Captains

  1. Which team captain is in charge of which alignment will be chosen randomly, unless both team captains agree.
  2. Team captains’ identities will be kept secret, until the game resolves.
  3. The auction will take place either on a channel on the discord, or on a server that I will invite the two team captains to. The auction will be two-tiered, with roles being auctioned first, and players being auctioned afterwards. Team captains will have to budget their money for both auctions accordingly.
  4. In order to prevent the mafia team from being too large, and because I feel that both teams should get the same amount of funds, the mafia team will select 10 roles and 10 players at the start of the auction to contest. The remaining 7 roles and 7 players will be automatically given to the town team.
  5. Because of the nature of the game, mafia may start as a majority, though that is highly unlikely. If at any point the mafia would be impossible to defeat, they will be given the win.
  6. In a situation where one player has too many roles and the other has too many players, the player with too many roles must give roles of their choice to the other team so that each player has a role. (?)
  7. Each team captain can assign their roles to their players as they choose.
  8. There will at first be a practice auction so that I can see how the auction would play out in a practical setting, after which I might make changes if it would be necessary. If both team captains agree, the results of the practice auction can be accepted for the final game.


  1. This will be an open setup, role madness game.

probably this setup that Duskfall98 used in a previous game:

Fruit Vendor (can't be performed alongside a factional action) 
Public Vanilla (is publicly confirmed not to have any power at the start of Day 1) 
2-Shot Neighborizer 
Priest (hammers fail) 
1-Shot Gladiator (plurality rules are in effect after use) 
Delayed Voyeur (gets results in the form of NAR categories) 
1-Shot Follower (idem) 
Even-Night Tracker 
Odd-Night Tracker 
Universal Backup* 
Non-consecutive Night Commuter (can't be performed alongside a factional action) (-5)
Modified Faith Healer (fails if both Faith Healers target the same person, 100% success rate otherwise) 
1-shot Night-Governor (target can't be voted next day) 
Modified Faith Healer 
Restless Spirit
  1. Preferences on what exact role setup should be used will be taken into account.
  2. Each auction will take roughly 3 days.
  3. 72/24 setup.


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we’re at 11 sign ups rn so 8 more and we can begin.

Probably will need to recruit to get 19

I might be bringing a couple converts after champs, that’s not for a bit though.

eh we’re missing quite a few 451 regulars but idk if they’d be enough to fill the game up. I posted a link over on the smogon discord so hopefully a few of them hop in.

I’d just ping everyone until they give you an answer one way or the other tbh.

I can try to pull in one or two as well, dunno if I’ll get bites or not though.