Mafia 4 5 1

4 mafia
5 VT
1 day vigilante

Vigilante shots = the minimum amount of shots required to bring the game to LyLo.

The mafia have factional KP at night

6-4 (day 1) = 1 shot

3-4 = 2 shots

In for site pride

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OK, so Join up guys. I heard this site is good at town play, this set up is difficult to play as town.

/in as dayvig

I hard claim day vig


Town will lose… Prove me wrong.

@chesskid3 @Key

But the ratio is so scummy

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Lol this setup

You may not know me but if Day Vigilante allows me to wipe the entire mafia clean Day 1 and I roll that roll. Then Town wins! :slight_smile:

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XD you don’t choose your role, that would be cheating.

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@StarV what happens if dayvig dies? Is the dayvig compulsive? If so, what happens if there’s a lynch before they finish shooting?

You might want to hit the blue /in button at the top!


Oh I didn’t notice.
Thank You! :3

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How did you find this forum

Looks like 10 @StarV