Mafia 4 5 1 Scumteam



wait fuck elli is town shit

We good fam just yell at him about your soul or whatever that shit you do in video is.

And/or troll him so you muddy his read :woman_shrugging:

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That should probably be our scum strategy tbh just relentlessly troll elli and anyone that SRs us

hm but that makes me obv scum

i think maybe i try to go deep while yall distract elli?

but then again can I even go deep in a game where elli is there oof

I mean Urist is obviously our chance of winning lol

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Can we just hard town read each other and mislynch every day?


Dw you guys won’t get lynched D1 because I will

If you want I can death tunnel Elli D1 and die and you can all bus me

Naw let’s just hard defend and have some fun with this.

Ok I’m down

The dayvig gets a shot d1

So you won’t be lynched LOL


Still gonna hard defend and TR everyone. Might as well have some fun with this!