M19 Doc 14 Game Thread - Mafia win!

VOTE: quin

I didn’t leave much a legacy but I think that’s fine tbh
I trust in you guys like orange said

VOTE: quin


Squirrel2412 (3): Aelin, Firekitten, clonedcheese
Quin (3): gellnick, Dwai, Squirrel2412
Aelin (1): Quin

Not Voting (4): Andresvmb, ejjinami, laserlab, TheFlash

Everyone has five minutes to message me with corrections

Quin has been executed in the tie! They were:

HAL 9000, Vanilla Town

You are HAL 9000, Vanilla Town. Your only weapons are your voice and your vote.
Eliminate all members of the Mafia.

Night 3 begins and will end in 24 hours, at 2022-07-21T01:00:00Z. Actions will lock 1 hour before the end of the night.

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also we are looking for 2 replacements

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@min has replaced @Andresvmb

Do not discuss replacements

@mollylikesorigami has replaced @TheFlash

Do not discuss replacements

reserved for flavor

also reserved for flavor

Actions have locked.

If you didn’t get feedback, you slept peacefully.

Night 3 has ended. @Firekitten has died in the night. He was:

Kleekai Greyhound (K.g1-09030), Town Doctor


You are Kleekai Greyhound (K.g1-09030), Town Doctor. Every night, you may target a player, protecting them from kills that night.
Eliminate all members of the Mafia.

Day 4 begins and will end in 48 hours, at 2022-07-23T01:00:00Z, or earlier if a majority is reached for execution. With 9 players alive, majority is 5.

VOTE: Squirrel2412

So… I do hope we aren’t allowing openwolfing to go unnoticed.

Seems pretty clear that it is squirrel and dwai

VOTE: Squirrel

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Am I allowed to claim credit for these pelts?

Also I just realized I probably should’ve done my best to continue playing along and say I was town doc
Sorry Litten
although I don’t know how well I’d have managed it

new forum new meeeeeeeeeeee


didn’t read anything other than jk’s posts, which, well.

the eod vc is really, really dumb, just saying.