M16 Empire Chat

Please do not throw sausage pizza away

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Woops this was meant for a different chat lol :joy:


Sausage pizza is the best pizza smh

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Exactly amiright

(It’s a pneumonic device tho)


This is my new favorite out of context quote.


Lol it’s just a pneumonic device for osi model in computer networks (Physical Layer, datalink layer, network layer transport layer, session layer, presentation layer, application layer)

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I thought it was funny and meant to send it in my cs classes discord but am like half asleep rn and put it in here instewd

That’s a lot of layers

Like ogres


2,3,4 as our pick numbers (no opinion on secondary pick numbers)

2 Pardoner
3 Vengeful (on the person we think is most likely to be executed)
4 either the RB or the Illusioner

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I kinda like that, though I worry ppl might learn from last game and go for non-1 low numbers

Reminder that I need to have the numbers for each of you.
For example I need
Arete - 1 2
Squirrel - 3 4
Flash - 5 6


when are our numbers due by?

I’d like them ASAP but preferably by tomorrow.


Honestly I might just pick what I chose last time again

hmm okay

I’m just worried we’ll get a lot of ppl in 1-6 range

Yea maybe but then again everyone might think that


It’s certainly possible

I just would feel more comfortable if we didn’t all go for 1-6 and hedged our bets a little

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Agreed yea


it looks like no one chose 10 last time?

how about

2 Pardoner
3 Vengeful
4 either RB or Illusioner

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